Oltesh Thobias

Oltesh Thobias

African Development Bank

Mr. Thobias worked in various countries such as United Kingdom, Switzerland, Tanzania, Tunisia, and Kenya.  He interacts with major global business partners from Emirates, France, India, Japan, and Switzerland, US, UK and several African countries.

Sharing knowledge and capacity building has been his passion. Going back to 1996, He had an opportunity to facilitate training in higher learning institutions in Tanzania, Kenya, Ethiopia and Uganda. He is also a member of support groups for orphanage Centers in a number of countries and visits primary schools and Universities to motivate, conduct team building activities and several other areas aimed at improving performance and allowing people to realize their potential. He also delivers training in the corporate world including those targeted to International and professional organizations

Mr. Thobias is a graduate and a professional member of Chartered Institute of Procurement and Supply and the Project Management Institute. He is a member of both United Nations High Level Committee on Management and the Network of Procurement in International Organizations.  He is a Toastmasters and a John Maxwell certified coach, speaker and Trainer.

He had an opportunity to serve the East African Community, Bank of Tanzania over a period of 17 years and currently the African Development Bank.

He holds an MBA (Finance), a Graduate Diploma in Supply Chain Management (MCIPS), a Graduate Diploma in Banking and Project Management Profession offered by Project Management Institute.