Alex Kiweesi

Alex Kiweesi

Co-Founder and Program Development Director
Hold the Child

Alex Kiweesi is Co-founder and Program Development Director of Hold the Child, and Founder and Chairperson of Together for Development initiative (TDI). Hold the Child is a South Sudan-based child-centered Humanitarian, Development and Advocacy Organization that works alongside vulnerable children in disaster affected and less developed communities. TDI is a community-based, youth-led development initiative working to empower young people in the greater Masaka (Uganda). As a curious young person growing in a rapidly changing society, I fell in love with community empowerment and development programs that I slowly carried my bio-medical science and knowledge into community health programming aimed at off-setting access barriers to critical services for children, mothers and young people. Through Hold the Child my brain child, that was birthed in Bor in the wake of widespread inter-communal clashes and child abductions in central Jonglie in 2011. Along with my teams, we have been able to undertake a host of child and community centered initiative as part of the wider Humanitarian community in South Sudan i.e. Kids Express (a children’s expression platforms based in South Sudan on radio Miraya, and school literacy competitions), Pioneer members of the South Sudan CWC [Communicating with Communities] working group. Among other community programs in South Sudan, Uganda and newly in Kenya.