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DAY 1 –Tuesday 28th February 





 Registration & Exhibition Opens









Opening Keynote Address

Sammy Itemere, Principal Secretary, Ministry of Information, Communications & Technology, Kenya


 Panel: Mobile Technology Innovations to Support Community Resilience


  • - Discussing the impact of mobile devices on development work
  • - Utilizing mobile technology to better reach and engage communities
  • - How mobile solutions drive sustainable innovation and capacity building
  • - Case studies: mNutrition, mAgri and mHealth programmes in Sub-Saharan East Africa
  • - Best practice and lessons learned for scaling mobile-based initiatives


Moderator: Brice Rambaud, Regional Director, Sub-Saharan Africa, Internews

Mathias Lardinois, Program Coordinator, Belgian Development Agency (BTC)

Dr Cathy Mwangi, Chief Executive Officer, mHealth Kenya

Ronald Rwakigumba, Uganda Country Coordinator, Agri-Fin Mobile, Mercy Corps




 Innovation Pitch  

Stephen Kimani, Enterprise Solutions Manager, Huawei

Title: Better Connected Development


Refreshment Break


Conference Room 1

Technology & Data Strategy

Conference Room 2

Infrastructure & Camp Management


Panel: Data Strategy to Support SDGs

  • - The importance of shared platforms and data exchange among aid and development stakeholders
  • - Trends in data collection and management
  • - Data sharing through crowd sourcing and open source knowledge solutions



Moderator: Mulualem Mersha, ICT Specialist, Plan International Ethiopia

Mark Irura, Project Manager and Technical Analyst, Development Gateway

Jack Kaburu, Manager, Global Knowledge and Information Management, Catholic Relief Services

John Gathairu, Head of ICT, Kenya National Commission on Human Rights

Joseph Marindi, HDX Data Manager, Humanitarian Data Exchange (HDX), United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (OCHA) 



 Panel:Supporting Resilient Livelihoods and Strengthening Rural Infrastructure 

  • - Establishing successful public-private-people partnerships
  • - Trends in public and private financing of agricultural projects
  • - Increasing cross-industry collaboration and coordination of initiatives for climate-smart agriculture
  • - Enhancing agri-research support to large-scale investment programmes


Moderator: John Burns, Program Director, Kenya, Mercy Corps  

Mamadou Biteye, Managing Director, Rockefeller Foundation

Dr James Mwololo, Head of Agriculture, Farm Africa

Mark Carrato, Chief, Office of Economic Growth, Kenya and East Africa, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)



Innovation Pitch 

Jack Buechler, Vice President of Business Development, Talia Limited


Innovation Pitch

Naty Barak, Chief Sustainability Officer, Netafim















Panel: Emergency Communication, Connectivity and Social Networks

  • - Empowering local communities to take leadership roles and be primary agents of their own response
  • - Outlining real examples as well as future opportunities: how can innovation and partnerships in information and communications technology become more agile, localized and connected? 
  • - Innovation in technology, especially with relation to youth engagement and employment


Moderator: Judith Owigar, ICT Advisor, Urban Basic Services Branch, United Nations Uman Settlements Programme (UN-Habitat)

Geoffrey Okao, Chief, Business Engagement Officer & Regional IT Officer, RBN, United Nations World Food Programme (WFP)

Martin Mbalu, Field IT Service Delivery Manager, PATH

Nenad Bojovic, Director, Network Operations Center, International Rescue Committee 

Ida Jeng, Director, Global Communication and Strategy, Refugees United (REFUNITE)


 Panel: Innovations, Partnerships and Policy Updates for Disaster Preparedness (Floods, Drought)

  • - Building a culture of resilience and risk awareness
  • - Enhancing disaster preparedness and strengthening disaster management capacities
  • - Discussing practices and policies for the advancement of disaster prevention
  • - Flood prevention and control: flood hazard mapping, risk management, mitigating flood damage
  • - Establishing effective and sustainable partnerships that meet their goals


Moderator: Christopher Ommes, Deputy Director, Operations, International Rescue Committee

Lawrence Lutaaya, Senior Disaster Management Officer, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Jose Manzano, Chief Technical Advisor, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD) Resilience Initiative, United Nations Development Programme (UNDP)

Janet Mawiyoo, Chief Executive Officer, Kenya Community Development Foundation



Innovation Pitch

Kim Roedkjaer, Sales Director Biometric Projects Government, UN and NGO, ATEA



Networking Lunch (Banqueting Hall)

Meet your peers and new contacts relevant to your work by choosing a themed lunch table. This will not be a moderated session, but rather an opportunity to meet like-minded participants and enjoy an interesting conversation over lunch.  


Technology & Data Strategy

Infrastructure & Camp Management


Panel: Update on Cash-Based Programmes & Financial Inclusion

  • - Growth of mobile money in Sub-Saharan East Africa and what this means for the development sector
  • - Driving digital and financial inclusion: Coordinating and enabling policies promoting financial inclusion
  • - Use of cash transfers in the emergency context vs development programmes
  • - Partnerships and collaborations for electronic payment applications


Moderator: Karen Peachey, Cash Learning Partnership (CaLP)

Pauline Wambeti, Country Director, Nuru Kenya

Nick Waithaka, Technical Specialist, World Vision International

Andrew Karlyn, Regional Advisor, Africa, USAID

Shaun Hughes, Head of Analysis, Trends and Innovation, World Food Programme (WFP)


Panel: Updates and Initiatives for Meeting Education SDGs

  • - Update on education in Sub-Saharan East Africa: reforms, initiatives, investments
  • - Innovations and technologies to support education programmes, particularly across different languages and in remote areas
  • - eLearning innovations and their practical application
  • - The role of the private sector in providing inclusive nationwide education programmes
  • - How to increase long-term and predictable funding to support education (in general and in conflict zones and for displaced people)


Moderator: Danny Labin, Vice President, International Projects, Sesame Workshop

Fazle Rabbani, Senior Education Specialist, Global Partnership for Education 

Jane Mbagi Mutua, Education Advisor, Save the Children

Daniel Masawi, Executive Director, Global Education Fund




Innovation Pitch


Innovation Pitch


Roundtable discussions

Delegates are invited to participate in topic-specific interactive networking sessions to discuss specific themes in more detail and off-the-record. Topics include:

  • - Data strategy John Gathairu, Head of ICT, Kenya National Cimmission on Human Rights
  • - Food Security: Improving Yield and Crop Efficiency Yitna Mamo, Sales Manager, Rivulis Irrigation
  • - Early-warning systems and mapping Elliot Vhurumuku, Senior Regional Officer for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping, World Food Programme (WFP)
  • - Climate resilient communities Daniel Molla, Chief Technical Advisor, Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unit (FSNAU), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)
  • - ICT4D: Adoption of new technologies by communities Kamal Naim, Head of ICT Unit, Kenya, UN-Habitat



Planet of the Apps

Explore some of the latest mobile applications supporting worldwide response operations. Bring your own mobile device.

Panel: Camp Management: Improving Livelihoods and Safety of Displaced People 

  • - Update on camps in Sub-Saharan East Africa
  • - Effective and sustainable camp management
  • - Camp safety and security: Use of new biometric technology, improved lighting, etc.
  • - Good practice and innovations for ensuring safe access to fuel, energy and light


Moderator: Conor Phillips, Country Director, Kenya, International Rescue Committee

Dr Omekara  Lilian, Regional  Head, Community Social Humanitarian Project (COSHUP)

Clementine Nkweta-Salami, Country Representative, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)

Eunice Ndonga-Githinji, Executive Director, Refugee Consortium of Kenya



Refreshment Break




 Innovation Pitch

Patrick Muriuki, General Manager, East and Southern Africa, Greenlight Planet


Discussion: Lessons Learned from Recent Drought Crisis

This session will examine response activities to recent drought emergency in Sub-Saharan East Africa, identifying new best practice, challenges, possible solutions and what can be done better next time. 

  • - Improving preparedness and proactive mitigation: risk management, community engagement and resource stewardship
  • - Effective drought response and humanitarian aid coordination: how to minimize gaps and overlaps of aid action
  • - Building back better: discussing initiatives for ensuring better recovery, resilience and risk adaptation
  • - What are the priorities and roles for key stakeholders?
  • - How to incorporate governmental and private insurance, donor community resources and financial strategies into drought preparedness plans


Moderator: John Graham, Country Director, Ethiopia, Save the Children

Dr Farah Abdulsamed, Capacity Building Coordinator, Regional Drought Resilience, Intergovernmental Authority on Development (IGAD)

Philippe Carette, Country Director, Kenya, Action Against Hunger

James Oduor, CEO, National Drought Management Authority

Daniel Molla, Chief Technical Advisor, Food Security and Nutrition Analysis Unite (FSNAU), Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO)

Elliot Vhurumuku, Senior Regional Officer for Vulnerability Analysis and Mapping, World Food Programme (WFP)


 Keynote Address 

Michel Nshimba, Political Officer, Department of Political Affairs, African Union Commission

 17.30– 19.00

Networking Drinks Reception
In Exhibition Concourse


DAY 2 – Wednesday 1st March






Registration & Exhibition Opens











Keynote Address 

Dr Olawale Maiyegun,  Director of Social Affairs, African Union




Community Health Resilience



 Panel: Innovations and Reforms to Support Health SDGs 

  • - Building Africa’s capacity to meet health SDGs and deal with public health threats
  • - Overview of current health threats and reforms in the region
  • - Evidence-informed policy: ensuring health promotion reflects the latest science
  • - Strengthening health programmes through the use of mobile technologies
  • - Exploring medical innovations and future outlook


Moderator: Peter Mwarogo, Country Director, Kenya, FHI 360

Dr Frasia Karua, General Manager, Enterprises and Program Director, AMREF Health Africa

Dr Deepa Pindolia, Senior Technical Advisor, Clinton Access Initiative (CHAI)

Pete Vowles, Country Director, Department for International Development (DfID)



Luc Provost, Chief Executive Officer, B Medical Systems


Refreshment Break



Roundtable Discussions 

Delegates are invited to participate in topic-specific interactive networking sessions to discuss specific themes in more detail and off-the-record. Refreshments will be served during this session.

Discussions commence: 

  • 1. Fleet Management and Local Sourcing Carolyne Saidi, Deputy Head of Logistics Centre, Action Against Hunger
  • 2. Emergency Response Coordination and Communication Caroline Kanaiza, Regional Emergency Preparedness Coordinator, International Rescue Committee (IRC)
  • 3. WASH & Camp Hygiene Robin Lloyd, Senior Regional WASH Officer, United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR)
  • 4. Camp Management Dr Lilian Omekara, Regional  Head, Community Social Humanitarian Project (COSHUP)
  • 5. Building and Strengthening Partnerships Dr Kathryn Taetzsch, Director, Humanitarian Response & Private Sector Partnerships, Global Humanitarian Operations, World Vision 
  • 6. Supporting At-Risk Groups Samuel Norgah, Deputy Country Director, Kenya, Plan International      
  • 7. Leadership Advice on Team Building and Management Bisanukuli Huliro Alexis, Deputy Head of Office (DHoO) - AU Liaison Office, United Nations Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (UN-OCHA)
  • 8. M4D Programmes: Update and Innovations Mathias Lardinois, Program Coordinator, Belgian Development Agency (BTC)
  • 9. Group session: Doing Business with the Millennium Challenge Corporation Jim Blades, Senior Advisor, Personal Services Contractor, Millennium Challenge Corporation


Discussions will start with a brief introduction of the group (max 5mins) followed by discussion (40-45mins) and a short summary by the moderator.  




Conference Room 1


Health & WASH Innovations



Conference Room 2


Humanitarian Logistics



Innovation Pitch 

Stephen Maietta, Head of Market Development, Envirotainer

Innovation Pitch 





Panel: Innovations and Best Practice to Tackle Communicable Diseases

  • - Disease prevention and control: vaccinations, testing, monitoring
  • - Update on regional health programmes and collaborations
  • - Update on rapid testing solutions
  • - Improving access to HIV/AIDS prevention and counseling
  • - Scaling up HIV treatment and care, e.g. via CD4 count or T-cell tests


Moderator: Miriam Maluwa, Country Director, Ethiopia, UNAIDS

Rosemary Mbaluka-Kilonzo, Assistant Country Director, Programs, Care Kenya

Michela Martini, Regional Migration Health Specialist for Horn, East and Southern Africa, International Organization for Migration (IOM)

Cynthia Mwase- Kasanda, Head, Africa and Middle East Department, The Global Fund

Prashant Deshpande, Associate vice President, Mylan


Panel: Procurement Trends And Best Practice in East Africa

  • - Update on UN procurement: eProcurement, tendering process, criteria
  • - Procurement trends and business opportunities in Sub-Saharan East Africa
  • - Good practice in sustainable procurement
  • - Addressing common contracting and compliance pitfalls


Moderator: Eric Githinji, Senior Procurement, and Grants Manager, RTI International

Balakrishnan Amirthalingam, Chief, Regional Procurement Office, United Nations Procurement Division (UNPD)

Oltesh Thobias, Chief Regional Procurement Officer, African Development Bank

Brian Corry, Contracts and Grants Management, Millenium Challenge Corporation

Michael Whiting, Consultant, Humanitarian Logistics, KBR



Innovation Pitch 

Ian Tansley, Chief Technology Officer, Sure Chill, United Kingdom

Innovation Pitch 






Networking lunch (Banqueting Hall) 





Conference Room 1


Health & WASH Innovations



Conference Room 2


Humanitarian Logistics





Panel: Improving Maternal And Child Health

  • - Update on regional maternal and child health initiatives and collaborations
  • - Establishing robust medical systems to better support children and women
  • - Every Woman Every Child: overcoming challenges of child and maternal health, remote areas and temporary settlements
  • - Addressing sexual and reproductive health
  • - Nutrition innovations and programmes to fight malnutrition and stunting


Moderator: Rita Bulusu, Senior Manager, Strategic Partnerships, Living Goods

Dr Mildred Mudany, Country Director, Jhpiego

Gift Malunga, Deputy Representative, UNFPA 

Samuel Norgah, Deputy Country Director, Kenya, Plan International

Dr Ann Musuva, Maternal, and Child Health, PS Kenya

Panel: Best Practice in Logistics and Supplier Management 

  • - Addressing challenges of last mile logistics: How access has changed in some regions
  • - Safety of Aid Workers and Goods in Areas of Reduced Infrastructure or Conflict
  • - Compliance and fraud prevention in INGO supply chains
  • - Better engaging with local partners and communities
  • - How to improve supplier relationship management and long-term partnerships


Moderator: Rishi Ramrakha, Head of Regional Logistics Unit, Africa, International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)

Michael Ndichu Kuria, Director, Global Supply Chain Compliance, International Rescue Committee

Adrian van der Knaap, Deputy Regional Director East Africa, World Food Programme (WFP)

Brent Cashman, Senior Product Manager, ADS Inc.




Innovation Pitch

Innovation Pitch



 Panel: Ensuring Access to Safe Drinking Water and Sanitation 

  • - Best practice and innovation in WASH
  • - Better supporting WASH practice in remote areas and conflict zones
  • - Discussing quality requirements and guidelines for drinking water
  • - Comparing solutions for water treatment
  • - Feedback from hygiene awareness and education initiatives: what works, what doesn’t


Moderator: Samuel Stephens, Managing Director, Clean the World   

Dr Fungai Makoni, Program Director, WASH, World Vision International

Paul Patrick Onyango, Technical Advisor on Water Reforms, Water Supply and Sanitation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ)

Robin Lloyd, Senior Regional WASH Officer, United Nations High Commissioner (UNHCR)

Rakhee Ramgolam, Turnaround Executive, Armscor


Panel: Fleet Management, Maintenance, and Driver Training

  • - How to effectively manage your fleet: Procurement, insurance, maintenance and repairs, fuel management and vehicle disposal
  • - How does poor fleet management affect humanitarian aid delivery?
  • - Improving driver training and road safety practices
  • - The role of tech innovations: debating the use of telemetry, remote vehicle tracking and monitoring systems
  • - How to improve safety of aid transports, especially in conflict zones (armored vehicles, tracking, GPS)


Anthony Mwawana, Fleet Manager, Norwegian Refugee Council 

Frederick Omondi, Country Logistics Manager, Kenya, Save the Children

Douglas Mose, Logistics Manager, Kenya, Action Against Hunger

Eunice Ambiyo, Management Quality Coordinator, Operations, Catholic Relief Services






Refreshment Break




Panel: Effective Partnerships for Aid & Development Programmes in East Africa

  • - Exploring the opportunities of sustainable collaboration with the humanitarian supply chain
  • - Maximizing social and economic benefits by choosing the right partner and programme
  • - Monitoring and measuring effective collaborations
  • - Evolution of partnerships in the humanitarian and development space: new actors, crowdsourcing, new trends



Moderator: Salim Amin, Chairman, Africa24 Media

Barlin H. Ali, Program Coordinator, Center for International Disaster Information, U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID)

Worknesh Mekonnen Gonet, Director to Ethiopia Operational Hub and Representative to African Union, United Nations Office for Project Services (UNOPS)

Raphael Obonyo, Africa Representative to the World Bank's Global Coordination Board, World Bank Group

Dr Kathryn Taetzsch, Director, Humanitarian Response & Private Sector Partnerships, Global Humanitarian Operations, World Vision International





Closing Remarks & End of Summit